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Chartreuse Cuvée des M.O.F Sommeliers
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Chartreuse Cuvée des M.O.F Sommeliers

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Licor de Hierbas envejecido
Chartreuse Amarillo
Mise en Bouteille en 2019

Chartreuse Diffusion
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Licor fabricado en Francia: 


Producto: Licor Chartreause Amarillo Envejecido           Información y gastos de envío - Envío gratis desde 150€ 

Producer: Chartreause Diffusion – Voiron - France

Bottle:    70 cl.                                                           

Alcohol Content:   45% vol

Ingredients:  Alcohol, sugar, 130 plants and flowers.

This exceptional cuvée of Chartreuse was created by the Carthusian Monks in close collaboration with the Best Workers of France - Sommeliers. It is the consecration of a know-how from many past centuries, that combines the excellence of the Art practiced daily by all the Best Workers of France.

It is a blend of distillates made with a lot of freshness and elegance. Made from a base of Chartreuse Jaune, the MOF is a unique piece presents a bright yellow color, with a complex aromatic nose that draws on liquorice and fennel, while containing notes of citrus, anise, chamomile and mint herbs. It leaves an impression of intense freshness in the mouth


How to drink it:  To bring out all its flavors, it should be consumed very cold. Traditionally considered an after-dinner drink, but today is more and more being enjoyed in cocktails.

The Mise en bouteille en 2019.  it comes presented in an individual case.

Chartreuse Cuvée des M.O.F Sommeliers
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